Friday, June 21, 2013

Oscar Goodman's New Book: Being Oscar

Mayor Oscar Goodman is one of Las Vegas' favorite and most popular mayor ever. Although he served his maximum amount of terms and is no longer the mayor, Oscar has made a name for himself and is now a permanent fixture in Las Vegas. In fact, Oscar Goodman and the Goodman family are so well known and popular that his wife ran for and was elected mayor of Las Vegas since he could not run any more. Carolyn Goodman is keeping on the Goodman legacy as mayor of Las Vegas, while their son Ross is working as an attorney in Las Vegas. He recently released his own book, an autobiography written entirely by hand by the former Las Vegas mayor. Oscar has done it all, and his new book tells about it. While he served as a lawyer to members of the mob, he was followed by the law enforcement and had his phones tapped. They thought he was in cahoots with his clients and wanted to catch him doing anything wrong. But they never found him doing anything illegal. Still, they did whatever they could to intimidate him. Oscar said that while all this was going on that "The first $7,500 I made every year was to go to my accountant, because I was going to be audited. Guaranteed. I was audited every year of my law practice." It got so bad that he and his wife would whisper to each other in their own home for fear of being listened in on. Now though things are much different for Oscar. He is now an icon for Las Vegas, known around the world. Some people may not know his name, but they know his face, and they know that it is the face of the mayor of Las Vegas. In 1995, Goodman appeared in a cameo role in the hit Martin Scorsese move Casino as himself as well as an episode of CSI. More recently he opened his own restaurant, aptly titled Oscar's Steakhouse located in downtown Las Vegas. His memoir, Being Oscar, recounts all his experiences over his 73 years, from his life as a lawyer, serving as council for mob bosses, serving as mayor of the city of Las Vegas, and now his journey into retirement. And with Oscar Goodman you know you are in for a good story. So pick up a copy today and read all about mayor Goodman's history, told by Oscar himself.

Oscar has recently held many book signing events. He has even said in a news article that people have dropped their copy of his new book on his doorstep with a note on it that asks him to sign it to them. So get your book now while there is still a chance to have him sign it. It will definitely be worth it to have a one of a kind personalized memento from a significant icon of Las Vegas history.

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