Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wet'n'Wild Coming Back To Las Vegas

You would imagine that a town like Las Vegas would have a water park, being in the middle of the desert with constant hot temperatures and a lot of tourists each year - many of them families.  Sure, there are a few city operated parks in neighborhoods around town but they are small and not well suited for tourists.  Well Las Vegas did have a water park, it was named Wet n' Wild and it closed about 20 years ago.  And soon Las Vegas will once again have a waterpark!  And what will the name of this new waterpark going to be? Well Wet 'n' Wild of course.  No its not the exact same name.  There is an extra apostrophe, didn't you notice it?

Well whatever the name or it's punctuation, this new waterpark is long overdue.  There is a big need for family friendly options in Las Vegas, and the fact that its almost always hot in Vegas adds to the appeal and attaction of the idea of a waterpark.  Wet 'n' wild will be be in a new location and is set to open in time for summer this year.  The waterpark will be over 40 acres set with 2 pools and 10 waterslides.  

When it actually opens in May, we will offer a lot more detailed information including location and prices.  Leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments.

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