Monday, March 6, 2017

Visitors Guide Las Vegas

One of the hottest, most popular places to visit nowadays is Las Vegas, Nevada and if you are thinking of taking a trip to Las Vegas or you have already booked your tickets you need to check out the Visitors Guide to Las Vegas.  This guide will tell you everything you need to know in order to have the best trip possible while spending the least amount of money possible.  If you don't know anything about the city, you will be lost once you get there and you will likely run out off money or spend well beyond your budget in no time.  Las Vegas is designed to make you spend your money everywhere you look.  When you land at the airport there are slot machines, there are slot machines at the gas stations, bars have slot machines built right into the bar itself, even restaurants have keno boards on the wall so you can play along while you eat and not miss a minute of gambling action.  So if you don't know the tricks that the city uses to rob you of your money you will no doubt spend way more than possible.  And it isn't just the casinos that you have to look out for, there are people on the street trying to get your money for various reasons like making spray paint art, or dressing up in costumes and allowing you to take pictures with them in exchange for tips.  So no matter what you want to visit Las Vegas for, the Visitors Guide for Las Vegas is very helpful.  It is best to check out the guide before you plan your trip so you can get the best deal on travel and lodging, but definitely check it out before you get to Vegas.  You will be very happy that you did.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What To Pack For A Trip To Las Vegas - Las Vegas Vacation Packing Tips

When going on a trip, you always want to bring everything that you may need while away from home, but not to bring too much because you don't want to carry too much stuff, especially if you don't use some of it. So what should you bring on a trip to Vegas? Well it depends, what are you visiting Las Vegas for (work, pleasure, family, wedding, bachelor party, etc.)? How long will you be in Las Vegas? What time of year are you visiting Las Vegas?

What clothes to pack when going to Las Vegas?

Most of the year the weather in Las Vegas is warm and the sun is always out, so you should be sure to bring sunscreen and hats to protect you from the sun as well as clothing suitable for warm weather like shorts and t-shirts. The majority of the year the weather is clear and sunny. So unless you check the weather and it says otherwise you probably won't experience any rain or precipitation so you don't need to bring rain coats or umbrellas. The best use for an umbrella in Las Vegas is to shade from the sun. The weather starts to cool down at the end of September and by November the temperatures average in the 40s-50s until the end of January when it starts to warm up again. If you visit Las Vegas in the winter months, be aware that you will need clothes to keep you warm at night so you may want to bring jackets and coats as well as gloves, hats, scarfs, etc. If you are in Vegas for a business event or wedding you will need to bring whatever you will wear to those events. Make sure your suits match and you have all articles of clothing you need, including ties, vests, jackets, pants, shirts, socks, shoes, cuff links, tie bars, bow ties, etc. You don't want to be stuck with everything that matches except one thing and be stuck buying something new or looking like a fool. Of course the longer you stay the more clothes you will want to bring. Many hotels offer laundry service so if you have at least two pairs of clothes you can get by but that is cutting it close. Most laundry services try to be done in a day but they do not always deliver, so come prepared.

What else to pack when visiting Las Vegas

Most hotels in Las Vegas offer free samples of soap and shampoo, etc. so you don't need bring any from home but you will still want to bring your tooth brush and toothpaste, as well as any deoderant or perfumes you may want and hair care products that you may need for your hair and shaving supplies and razors. You may want to bring a camera, but another option is to use disposable cameras that you can buy for about $10 and have them developed at your local photomat. This way if you lose your camera or it gets stolen then you are only out a few bucks, not the few hundred dollars that your digital camera is worth. Don't forget to bring copies of all your identification cards and passport, as well as copies of any other travel documents you may accidentally lose or get stolen. Make sure you bring your charger for your cellphone and any other gadgets or devices you might bring along. Remember though, whatever you bring you will have to carry around with you the whole trip and could possibly be lost or stolen. So try not to bring anything too heavy or too expensive.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Las Vegas Finally Gets A Break From The Heat

This summer has even particularly hot for the entire country, especially Las Vegas.  The Las Vegas Valley has experienced triple digit temperatures for the better part of the summer, but recently the change in the rather has given a nice break in the heat for all those living or staying in Las Vegas.  For a city in the middle of the desert that doesn't get much precipitation it has rained a decent amount in the past week for Las Vegas.  The cloud cover and rain has helped the temperatures in Las Vegas to stay well below 100 and the locals and visitors are very happy for the drop in temperature.  But along with the cooler temps the rain brought higher humidity to make it feel hotter and stickier than it actually is.  And the rain storms prohibit many outdoor activities and hinder many travel arrangements.  All in all the Las Vegas is happy to have some cool weather during the hottest part of the year.  If you are in Vegas then enjoy the cooler weather while you can because it is going to get right back up to 110 soon enough.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Massive Heatwave Sweeps Across The Country, With Vegas Being No Exception

It seems like this summer is much hotter than it has ever been in the past, with most of the country experiencing highs of over 90 degrees and many places reaching over 110! And of course, being in the middle of the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas is no exception. Around the country heat shelters have been popping up to deal with the myriad injuries and illnesses that have been reported. Most in danger are the very young and the very old because their bodies cannot endure such high temperatures for extended periods of time. People of all ages, however, have experienced dehydration and heat stroke due to such heat.

Summers in Vegas are always hot so this year isn't a surprise. But most days so far this year have been above average, hinting that the high heat is here to stay. If you plan on visiting Las Vegas, be sure to be prepared. Put on sunblock before going outside and make sure that you and your family drink plenty of water. Most people don't realize how hot it is and how dehydrated they are before it is too late. Don't spend too much time outside especially in the sun. If you must be outside take precautions to stay cool by trying to find shade or using a sun umbrella and keeping plenty of cold water with you to drink often. Even if you aren't necessarily thirsty you need to make sure and drink plenty. The average daily intake is 8 8 ounce glasses of water and in the heat you should have more than the recommended 64 oz. Try to find places with air conditioning if you don't have it at home. Many public places like stores, libraries, movie theaters etc. have air conditioning that you can enjoy. If you are in Las Vegas they casinos all have massive air conditioning systems to make sure to keep their customers happy and comfortable and most Las Vegas hotel rooms have personal thermostats that you can use to keep your room as cool as you want. Also be sure to keep an eye on kids and the elderly and make sure that they have plenty of fluids to drink. Soda is bad for the body when in extreme heat as the sodium actually dehydrates your body. Coffee and teas are also not as good at keeping you hydrated. Besides plain water, sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade are also good as they contain electrolytes that are lost when you sweat without having too much bad sodium to dehydrate your body. If you know people who are very old and live by themselves, make sure to check in on them during the day to make sure that they are alright.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Electric Daisy Carnival Come Back To Las Vegas

Electric Daisy Carnival, better known as EDC, is music festival that is held in different locations around the world throughout the year. The annual June concert has been held in Las Vegas for the past 2 years, and will continue that as the 2013 EDC kicks of tonight in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and goes from Friday until Sunday. Last year the Las Vegas EDC event attracted 300,000 people, making it the largest North American electronic music festival and dance music event. Wind and weather conditions forced the show to shut down early one of the nights during last years Las Vegas event. Hopefully weather will be much better this year and allow the show to run as scheduled all 3 days. Right now the it is actually very nice outside, so it looks pretty likely that the weather will cooperate this year. The first EDC was held in 1997 by Insomniac Events, and has blossomed into many different events held throughout the world throughout the year. Tickets are sold out, but they cost over $200 for all three days. VIP packages run as much as $20,000 for 20 people. Many people travel in groups from around the country to come to EDC events, and the Las Vegas one is one of the most popular. This year's Las Vegas EDC event will feature six full stages of music, many different carnival rides, an area for merchandise and other vendors, interactive art installations and much more. Literally hundreds of performers are scheduled to appear at the 2013 Las Vegas EDC. Some of the great spectacles that made an appearance at last year's EDC Las Vegas included huge fireworks shows, skydivers who were lit up as they were falling from the sky, as well as vintage military plane flyover. Party goers must be 18 or over for general admission, and 21 or over for VIP sections and bar areas. Last year's EDC even in Las Vegas brought over $200 million to the local economy according to Insomniac.

Oscar Goodman's New Book: Being Oscar

Mayor Oscar Goodman is one of Las Vegas' favorite and most popular mayor ever. Although he served his maximum amount of terms and is no longer the mayor, Oscar has made a name for himself and is now a permanent fixture in Las Vegas. In fact, Oscar Goodman and the Goodman family are so well known and popular that his wife ran for and was elected mayor of Las Vegas since he could not run any more. Carolyn Goodman is keeping on the Goodman legacy as mayor of Las Vegas, while their son Ross is working as an attorney in Las Vegas. He recently released his own book, an autobiography written entirely by hand by the former Las Vegas mayor. Oscar has done it all, and his new book tells about it. While he served as a lawyer to members of the mob, he was followed by the law enforcement and had his phones tapped. They thought he was in cahoots with his clients and wanted to catch him doing anything wrong. But they never found him doing anything illegal. Still, they did whatever they could to intimidate him. Oscar said that while all this was going on that "The first $7,500 I made every year was to go to my accountant, because I was going to be audited. Guaranteed. I was audited every year of my law practice." It got so bad that he and his wife would whisper to each other in their own home for fear of being listened in on. Now though things are much different for Oscar. He is now an icon for Las Vegas, known around the world. Some people may not know his name, but they know his face, and they know that it is the face of the mayor of Las Vegas. In 1995, Goodman appeared in a cameo role in the hit Martin Scorsese move Casino as himself as well as an episode of CSI. More recently he opened his own restaurant, aptly titled Oscar's Steakhouse located in downtown Las Vegas. His memoir, Being Oscar, recounts all his experiences over his 73 years, from his life as a lawyer, serving as council for mob bosses, serving as mayor of the city of Las Vegas, and now his journey into retirement. And with Oscar Goodman you know you are in for a good story. So pick up a copy today and read all about mayor Goodman's history, told by Oscar himself.

Oscar has recently held many book signing events. He has even said in a news article that people have dropped their copy of his new book on his doorstep with a note on it that asks him to sign it to them. So get your book now while there is still a chance to have him sign it. It will definitely be worth it to have a one of a kind personalized memento from a significant icon of Las Vegas history.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fashion Show Mall: The Best Shopping On The Strip

Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, the Fashion Show Mall is one of the best places to shop in all of Las Vegas. With hundreds of places to shop and many great places to eat, the Fashion Show Mall is a great place to visit while in Vegas. Whether you just want a bit to eat or you want to pick up some souvenirs for your friends and family at home, the Fashion Show has it all. From the many small booths and stands to the 8 large department stores including Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, Niemen Marcus, and Nordstrom, there are shops of all kind at the Fashion Show Mall. In fact the only Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus stores in the whole state of Nevada are located in the Fashion Show Mall. If you forgot to bring an extra pair of socks, there are places to buy clothes. If you need a new case for your iPhone, there is an Apple Store. If you want a quick meal there is a food court. If you want a nice sit down dinner, there are fancy places to eat like Maggiano’s Italian restaurant. There are even special places where they hold special events and shows, like the fashion shows that are held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So depending on when you visit the Fashion Show Mall you may see something different every time you visit. And no matter when you visit, there is always a lot for you to see and do. There are even massage booths and comfortable massage chairs in which you can sit down in and take a break while you get massaged and your mate gets to go shopping.

With almost 2 million square feet of retail space covering 3 floors, whatever it is that you are looking for; you should be able to find it at the Fashion Show. And it is located right on the Las Vegas Strip, right across the street from the Wynn Hotel and Casino at the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Spring Mountain Road, so it is close to just about anywhere on The Strip. Originally opened in 1981, the Fashion Show Mall has undergone many changes throughout the years. Currently the front of the mall looks as if a giant UFO had landed right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. Hours are 10 am – 9 pm Monday thru Saturday and 11 am – 7 pm on Sunday. However some of the restaurants have separate entrances and may be open longer hours than the rest of the mall.