Friday, March 29, 2013

Adam Carolla Signing And Magria Tasting Today In Las Vegas At Lees Liquor

Today, hit TV, radio ad internet pesonality Adam Carolla is doing a live tasting for his new acoholic beverage Mangria at Lee's Liquor.  He will be at the Lees Liquor location on Rainbow and Flamingo in Las Vegas, NV at 5:30 this afternoon.  Adam will be doing a tasting as well as signing merchandise for his fans.  This marks the availability of his new Mangria cocktail in Las Vegas at all Lees Liquor locations throughout the valley.  Mangria is a concoction that Carolla has been talking about for years that he created one night when going to top up his glass of red wine.  He was out of wine so he was in a conundrum: either stop drinking or make up something else fast.  So he surveyed his stock of liquor and added a few items such as orange vodka to help maintain his buzz.  He actually enjoyed the resulting mixture, so much so that he went on the radio the next day and told his listeners about his new creation.  Years later, Adam has made into a commercially avilable product and has been making its way slowly into different markets accross the country.

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